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For the first time in the world to help Ukrainians «Obolon» company will offer non-fungible tokens (NFT) which will allow its owner to order a commemorative bottle of beer with a unique label design based on the purchased NFT.

«This brutal and vile war has significantly impacted of every Ukrainian and also business of our company," said Obolon Chief Executive Officer Ihor Bulakh. «At the same time, we see how many people all over the world today are united by desire to help Ukraine. Thus, our international partners offered to launch a project in which using the latest technologies provides an opportunity to express support and solidarity to all the people of Ukraine. The launch of the NFT campaign is a unique project, that with support of a national manufacturer is designed to help the Ukrainian people.»

For the first time each bottle of beer will be unique because the label on its neck will contain the unique NFT.

«Obolon» company went down in history in 1980 and in 1991 became the first private company in independent Ukraine by receiving a privatization certificate from the State Property Fund of Ukraine № 1.

The construction of the plant was aimed to provide the country the high-quality beer that would meet high world standards. Czech experts who are world-famous masters of brewing were invited as leading experts. They determined the place of construction of new brewery. The main criterion was the presence of a source of artesian water which is the main component that determines the taste of beer. The historical place of the Kyiv city which is located on the right bank of the Dnipro Obolon was chosen as such a place.

Today the brewery is one of the largest in Europe and the largest domestic beverage company in Ukraine.

Started by the russian federation war forced the company to reorient and find an opportunity to continue its activities. Despite the extremely difficult work conditions in wartime «Obolon» tries to support its employees by providing them jobs and salaries, as well as supporting the military who courageously defend Ukraine and European countries at the cost of their own lives. Today the sources of artesian water that are available to Obolon are used for water production including free distribution to the military and people in war-torn regions of Ukraine.

«Obolon» corporate enterprises have already provided more than 3 million liters of water free of charge. Additional funds are needed to be able to continue to provide this assistance. With this aim «Obolon» is launching a project that will allow people around the world to support «Obolon» in its noble mission.

Ukraine is recognized as one of the world leaders in using of blockchain technology and digital resources in development its nation. This «Obolon» project is a testament how a private company is finding creative solutions to meet the challenges posed by the war following the example of the Ministry of Digital Transformation. All proceeds from the project «Obolon» will use to support the company’s work and continue the mission of providing Ukrainians drinking water. In addition part of the proceeds from future NFT sales will be donated to «Come Back Alive» Foundation to support the Ukrainian military.

NFT’s are scheduled to be available from mid-May. More details on the website www.obolon.io


«Obolon» is the largest national beverage producer in Ukraine with 100% Ukrainian capital. The company produces beer, soft and low-alcohol beverages, mineral and drinking water, and is also leader of beer exports and accounting for more 62% of total exports of country (according to info for 2021). «Obolon» is the largest by its capacity brewery in Europe. «Obolon» corporation includes the main plant in Kyiv and eight enterprises in the regions.

The main brands are «Obolon», «Zlata Praha», «hike», «Zibert», «Zhivchyk», «Obolonska» and series of classic low-alcohol cocktails «Gin-Tonic», «Rum-Cola», and «Brandy-Cola».

Professionalism, high efficiency with observance of requirements and norms of ecological and industrial safety are a priority for «Obolon». Since company’s founding and till today «Obolon» has maintained and developed humanitarian aid projects, implemented regional development programs and socially significant initiatives, also invested in the development and promotion of sports.