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The «OBOLON» is one of the most biggest producers of beer in Ukraine. Except for the malty (hopped) drink, the company produces soft and low-alcoholic drinks, mineral and drinkable water, snacks. Other activities are also well -orginazed such as agricultural production, processing of used PETF bottles and production of dry beer granules. Today the corporation includes 10 enterprises in different regions of Ukraine. «OBOLON», the only one in Eastern Europe, is included in TOP-40 of the world’s largest beer producers. And the main enterprise in Kiev is the largest brewery in Europe.

According to actual rating, which was jointly carried out by MPP Consulting and the magazine «Novoe Vremya» («New time») — the TOP-100 of the most expensive national brands, Corporation «OBOLON» is among the top ten.

But except for business and philanthropic activity, the company also works in educational sphere. Every year many students pass a manufacturing practice at the company’s plant, the most talented are staying on traineeship and have a possibility to land a job. This year the company went further and has started the «Market of Vacancies».

«We give not only the opportunity to find a job at our enterprises, we want to share our practical Business Cases that have been developing through the years.

We want to tell about all stages of the production process and about the subtleties of negotiations with partners and contractors.

Our specialists are ready to give lectures for interested (concerned) students and provide free advices concerning a career building «, — said Vasyl Kovalenko, the head of the department of scientific management and salary of PrJSC «OBOLON».

Students and graduates wishing to find work can not only evaluate their own talents, but also apply them in real business.

The first familiarization meeting was held together with students from the National University of Food Technologies. It was talking about the development of joint programs of specialists training for this field, especially the initiation of dual education. The enterprise, achievements of the Corporation, new brands, the company’s products have been presented to students and, the most important, provided vacancies that might interest of students technologists and students engineers. In the future, company’s specialists plan to hold such meetings in other universities of the country.