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At the «OBOLON`s» factory carried out a special object training (SOT) concerning the liquidation of emergency situations at the prodution plant. The protocol of preventing fire and ammonia leakage at the enterprise has worked out.

The training took place in two stages. During the theoretical part of the event, the chiefs of the Civil Protection’s Staff checked the level of technical training of the heads of services and formations in emergency situations. And in the course of practical part, the situation with the appearance of a «fire» and depressurization of the receiver were modeled. Outside of training, it can lead to leakage of ammonia. So, the necessity for such practical trainings can not be overestimated.

The liquidation of the «accidents» was carried out step-by-step: after notification about the emergency situation on the factory and call of emergency response subdivision of Kyiv, together extinguished the fire and precipitated the spraying of ammonia cloud with jets of water.

Also operatively created the command center for the liquidation of the emergency situation at the factory. Responsible subdivisions out of employees of the company conducted the measuring of concentration of dangerous substances and organized evacuation of the conditionally injured worker to whom the first medical aid was provided.

Within 15 minutes from the moment of calling, to the place of formal emergency situation arrived subdivisions of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine andSpecialized emergency rescue unit of Kyiv. Emergency response group in protective suits imposed a special bandage (handling ring) on the receiver and eliminated ammonia emissions. The workers of the refrigeration and compressor workshop pumped out the ammonia from the damaged container.