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Every year on September 19, brewers in 70 countries of the world spend the World Day of Responsible Beer consumption. In this way, brewers draw the attention of society to the problem of selling beer to minors (juniors) and excessive consumption by adults. Statistics concerning the consumption of alcohol by Ukrainian teenagers, as well asteenages all over the world, remains high. According to UNICEF’s international survey project «Health behaviour in School-aged Children», almost 84% of Ukrainians under the age of 18were drinking alcohol and drinkingbeer more than 20% of teens. And only in recent years there was a positive dynamic, since 2011 this indicator has decreased by 6%.

Our Corporation responds to the problem of excessive consumption of beer and its sales to minors. So, since 2009, «OBOLON» was the first in Ukraine to launch a voluntary initiative which concerns labeling the information about norms of beer consumption and the inadmissibility of beer use by persons under the age of 18, pregnant women and drivers. Besides, preventive work is routinely carried out by PrJSC «OBOLON» among young people in schools and orphanages.

In 2016, «OBOLON» together with Carlsberg Ukraine, «SUN InBev Ukraine» and the «First Private Brewery», signed a Memorandum «On Intentions to develop partnership and take measures to prevent selling of beer to minors». The largest Ukrainian beer producers are convinced that solving the main problems of responsible consumption of beer is possible only with the active and effective cooperation of all interested parties such as producers, sellers and consumers.