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Obolon Corporation has added a new and unique flavor to its variety of beer mix beverages: the Beermix Gin Rio Red. It is the second drink in this category produced by the Corporation in the 2013 season.

The Corporation is continuously developing its Obolon BeerMix trademark, regularly adding new beverages to its product mix. This season’s trend is a focus on exotic flavors, unusual and exciting for Ukrainian consumers. A wave of freshness, a vibrant mood, and never-ending energy is adopted by the new Beermix Gin Rio Red beverage.

Beermix Gin Rio Red has a pleasant fresh taste and rich dense foam. With the first sip you feel a subtle taste of gin and a hint of grapefruit, with a stimulating and refreshing effect. The final chord is the transient hoppy bitterness of the beer, which the beverage is based on. Launched during the peak of the season, Beermix Gin Rio Red is a delicious pre-party mix, creating freshness and tuning the consumer to the positive emotions of a hot summer’s day.

The vibrant appearance of the can itself, designed in a blue and iron gray color range, is invigorating from the first glance. The explosive freshness on the outside emphasizes the refreshing and stimulating properties of the drink.

Beermix Gin Rio Red is offered in 0.5 l tin cans. The beverage has an increased alcohol content (6.0%), achieved by using strong beer with a 15.4% content of dry solids in the initial wort. The recommended retail price is UAH 5.17.

Anna Kukharchuk, Obolon brand manager: Obolon BeerMix is a youth brand, and it is important for it to remain on-trend. This is made possible by taste experiments. We have created a drink reflecting everything the young generation strives toward: dynamism, drive, new impressions, and vivid emotions. Beermix Gin Rio Red embodies this lifestyle. Flamboyant recreation with Beermix Gin Rio Red is exactly what young people are looking for.

The special beer brands marketed under the Obolon BeerMix trademark include BeerMix Cherry, BeerMix Lemon, BeerMix Carambola, BeerMix Energy, and Beermix Gin Rio Red.