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The Obolon Corporation has started production of Rozlyvne, a new beer brand under the Obolon trademark.

Obolon Rozlyvne is produced at Obolon Corporation’s central facility in Kyiv. The recipe specially developed by the brewers for this brand has made it possible to preserve all the properties of fresh beer in Rozlyvne.

Obolon Rozlyvne is a light pasteurized beer with a 12% content of dry solids in the malt and at least a 4.9% alcohol content. The new brand has a golden color and a rich fresh taste with a noticeable touch of bitterness. The rich taste of the beer is ensured by the special malt, produced at the Corporation’s own malt factory. Rozlyvne contains aromatic varieties of hops, which complete the gamut of its taste.

Antonina Osykhovska, Obolon brand manager: Producing a bottled beer with the properties of draft beer is a challenging task, which our brewers have successfully mastered. The new taste has all the advantages of a draft beer: It has a saturated taste and drinks easily, leaving a pleasant aftertaste. Most importantly, real draft beer can now not only be enjoyed in bars or restaurants, but in any place and at any time.

Obolon Rozlyvne is offered in a 1 l PET bottle and an 0.5 l NRW glass bottle. The recommended retail price of a 1 l PET bottle is UAH 10.30.

The sale of Rozlyvne in NRW glass bottles started this June; 1 l PET bottles will appear in stores in July.