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The Obolon company, as part of its collaboration with Molson Coors Brewing Company has brought a new lager — Carling Royal — to the market.

Unparalleled Carling yeast strains, premium quality hops from Western Europe and the best Ukrainian barley are used to brew Carling Royal. The new beer has solids and alcohol content of 12% and 5.2% respectively. Due to such a balanced combination the beer possesses a noble flavor and has a delicious aftertaste. This is the true art of English brewing incarnate.

We recall that as early as May 2011 the Obolon corporation initiated the production of Т. М. Carling for the domestic market. Over this short period of time the company has managed to produce and distribute one million dal of Carling beer, ample evidence of how positively Ukrainian consumers have taken to it.

Denys Grygorash, Carling T. M. Brand Manager: The new sub-brand Carling Royal is a premium beer created for those who value excellent quality and recognize the difference between the average and the sophisticated. It should be noted that Ukrainians have a real appreciation of the Britain’s Carling beer. So we decided not to rest on our laurels and we expanded the brand with the new Carling Royal, to meet the expectations and requests of our customers'