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Carling, Britain’s number one premium beer, is now widely available on tap in Ukrainian pubs, bars, and restaurants and it comes poured in its own, exclusively designed glasses.

Since October, 2011 Carling has been produced under license by Molson Coors and packaged in 30-liter kegs at Kyiv-based Obolon brewery, Europe’s largest brewery.

Most people in Britain prefer to drink beer in pubs and that is why special attention is paid to draught beer. Every beer lover will delight in drinking their favorite beverage from a unique beer glass with a laser-etched pattern on the bottom, designed by Carling experts.

The Carling beer glass has an intricate laser-etched pattern on its bottom which generates a constant stream of bubbles. This laser etching aids the release of carbon dioxide. The bubbles grow large enough and rise to the top of the glass helping to maintain the head of foam and creating a superb visual effect, says Volodymyr Zhuravel, Molson Coors representative

This technology helps to generate carbon dioxide bubbles and maintain a wonderful foam head. As a result drinkers can enjoy the original taste and rich aroma of Carling beer for longer.