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The corporate structure of OBOLON has been shaped over many years under the influence of a development strategy aimed at diversifying production, transition to the use of in-house raw materials, an innovative approach, absolute environmental safety and full social responsibility.

OBOLON Corporation comprises the main plant, two separate production units, two subsidiaries and four enterprises with corporate rights. Overall, the corporation employs about 4000 people.

Enterprises Corporation Obolon

Zhytomyr Zaporizhya Yzhhorod Luts’k Vinnycya Ternopil Sumy Rivne Poltava Odesa Mykolayiv Львів Luhans’k Kirovohrad Kyiv Khmelnyts'kiy Kherson Kharkiv Ivano-Frankivsk Donetsk Dnipro Symferopol Chernihiv Chernivstsi Cherkasy

Main enterprise

Kyivs’kii region, Kyiv
Production of beer, soft drinks, mineral water, brewer’s grains.

Subsidiary enterprises

Krasylivske Subsidiary of OBOLON PJSC
Khmel’nyc’ka region, Krasyliv
Production of soft and low-alcoholic drinks, mineral water.

Locally remote workshops

Olexandria production complex
Kirovohrad region, Oleksandriya
Production of soft and low-alcoholic drinks, recycling of PET bottles, manufacture of binding band and PET preforms.
Malting plant
Khmel’nyc’ka region, Chemerivtsi
Malt production.

Enterprises with corporate rights

Bershad Сomplex PJSC
Vinnyts’kii region, Bershad
Diatkivtsi PJSC
Ivano-Frankivs’ka region, Kolomiya
Malt production
Sustainable development
Growth based on sustainable development principles are the basis of the strategy of the corporation Obolon. Learn more about social practices of Online Social Report.
Obolon Arena
Modern football stadium and sports complex Obolon Arena in Kiev.