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The structure of the corporation Obolon was formed for many years under the influence of the development of a strategy to diversify production, on raw materials of its own production, innovative approach, the absolute environmental safety and full social responsibility.

Obolon corporation unites 10 production enterprises in Ukraine. In total , the corporation employs nearly 6,000 people.

Corporate structure

Strategic and operational planning.
Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Director for Personnel
Personell management organization, labor relations regulation, staff development, social partnership​.
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer Strategic planning, operational management, occupational safety.
Sales Director
Sales organization of all types of products
Marketing director
The strategic marketing planning, promotion campaign development of brands for the different media resources. Advertising and public relations and mass media
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Strategic analysis, current and operative planning. Management of the national integrated corporate structure
Director for Corporate Affairs and Development
Development of enterprises with corporate rights, diversification of corporate business, crisis management.
Chief Foreign Trade Officer
Foreign economic activity, development of export markets, import operation
Chief Operating Officer
Technical control and product quality at all stages of production, logistics, operational management, ISO systems.
Materials and Equipment Supply Director
Supply, stock management.
Sustainable development
Growth based on sustainable development principles are the basis of the strategy of the corporation Obolon. Learn more about social practices of Online Social Report.
Obolon Arena
Modern football stadium and sports complex Obolon Arena in Kiev.