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In May, the corporation celebrated its 30 anniversary. During the celebration a new record for Ukraine was set: 2123 employees of the corporation declared the most mass beer toast. The range of T. M. Zhivchik expanded with new drink — Zhivchik non-carbonated. The range of T. M. Beermix expanded with a new position — a beer cocktail with grapefruit flavor «Beermix Grapefruit». Obolon revived a familiar Soviet-era recipe beer Zhigulivske. OBOLON Corporation took first place among the best employers adopting the principles of equitable gender policies.


OBOLON changes the type of ownership, having become a public joint-stock company. Molson Coors Brewing Company and the OBOLON corporation announce commercial collaboration plans in Ukraine. The legendary Carling beer enters the Ukrainian market. OBOLON enters the water cooler market with Aquabalance water. OBOLON introduces new premium varieties of beer to the market — «Barley Ear», «National Glory» and «Obolon Exclusive», and it is launching production of the alcohol-free juice drink «Zhyvchyk Cherry». Obolon comes 28th in the world in terms of beer production volume based on 2010 results and completes first export supplies of beer to China.


Obolon expands its soft drinks range by launching its Cola Nova with lemon and refreshing Rio de Mojito. Two more new low-alcohol products — Rio de Mojito Lime and Rio de Mojito Strawberry — are to be launched a little later.


Corporation entered the snack market with TM «Obolonski». Production of crackers concentrated in Kolomiya, Ivano-Frankivsk region. OBOLON has released several new products in the segment of low-alcohol drinks: cocktail «Whiskey Cherry» and the youth series «Rio». Corporation launched a new sort «Draught» under the brand Obolon, as well as expanding line of Zibert beer. The line of Beermix got new flavors — «Beermix Gin Rio Red» and «Beermix Starfruit».T. M. Zlata Praha won the international competition Asia Beer Awards'2013. Regional enterprises of corporation began production of beer under its own brands — «Okhtyrske» and «Fastivske».


Obolon summed up the 12-year program of sightseeing tours to Kyiv brewery. More than 120,000 local and foreign visitors attended brewery Obolon in Kiev.

Obolon has released several new products (beer Zlata Praha Černe, Zibert Weissbier, live fermentation kvass «Starokiyvsky» soft drink «Zhivchik Orange», low-alcohol drink «Vodka Lime»), and restarted legendary beer «2000».

During of the 2013 corporation Obolon entered the top of 5 most transparent Ukrainian companies. Sixth Obolon Sustainability Report (in 2013−2014) was the first in Ukraine report drawn up in accordance with the international standard GRI 4.


Corporation OBOLON has introduced multiple new products in the segment of mineral water — «Zbruchanska 77», «Prozora» with peach and green tea, «Obolonska» with taste of lemon and orange. Children’s juice drink «Zhivchik» got a new package — PET bottle of 0.33 liters and a special kind of lid named «flip-top». The company opened a new category of products, starting production of cider «Ciber» and a new kind of snack — toasts BULBA Grenki.


OBOLON signed the Memorandum fn the prevention of beer sales to minors. The expert jury of the XIX International Contest of Beer, Soft Drinks, Low Alcoholic Beverages, Mineral and Drinking Water noted the high quality of the beverages of OBOLON Corporation, awarding them with 6 Grand prix, 13 gold and 6 silver medals.

Expansion of the line of Zibert beer: Pils, Weiss, Dunkel and Bock

Launching of new category of «hard drink» with the release of the brand Hardmix Citrus


OBOLON changed ownership from PSC to «Joint-Stock Company»


Obolon has introduced multiple new products in the beer segment — «Premium Extra Brew», «Obolon Zhygulivske Export», «Obolon Kyivske Rozlyvne», «Zibert Bile». Also it has redesigned TM hike and opened new category ofenergy drinks with «Bronx».


TM «Zhyvchyk» celebrated its 20th anniversary.

Started pouring the line of craft lemonades «Lemonissimo Lemonata», for which a PET bottle of a unique shape with a capacity of 0.8 liters was specially designed. In the segment of special beer, the novelty «Obolon Hardmix X-CAN» was released. PJSC «Okhtyr Brewery» began production of unfiltered light beer with the symbolic name «MAROCHNE 1913» («Marochne 1913») in honor of the year the enterprise was founded.

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