Obolon Corporation Begins Exports to Latin America

Obolon Corporation Begins Exports to Latin America

In September, Obolon made its first shipment of beer to Chile, which became the 40th country on the map of the company’s exports. The Southern hemisphere is entering the summer season now – which is the best time to enjoy Obolon beer.
The Chilean market is quite promising for beer exports. The country is showing a steady growth in the consumption of imported beer.

Serhii Kravets, Director of Foreign Economic Department, Obolon Corporation: “Obolon has become the first Ukrainian beer brand to be exported to Chile. Our partners are currently about to finish certification of the products, which include the beer mix beverages as well as Obolon and Mahnat trademarks. The first consignment, which comprised Obolon and Mahnat beer brands and Beer Mix special beer, amounted to 40 thousand liters.”

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