Obolon is the most highly rated brand for Ukrainians

Obolon is the most highly rated brand for Ukrainians

The Obolon is acknowledged the as most highly rated and irreplaceable brand for Ukrainians. Within the survey ‘Which companies and brands have won the hearts of Ukrainians?’ the majority of respondents named Obolon as their favourite national brand.

The survey was conducted by employees of TNS Research International as part of the regular Omnibus survey in mid-April 2010. Ukrainians were asked only one question – ‘If two companies and their brands disappeared from the market together with their products tomorrow, which company would you miss most of all?’ The majority of respondents, predominantly males, associated themselves with the Obolon brand.

Oleksandr Slobodyan, President of the Obolon Corporation, in commenting on the survey results, reported that ‘the high rating of the Obolon brand shows that consumers’ love can’t be bought. The aggressive marketing of transnational companies with their enormous budgets turned out to be powerless against Obolon’s genuine concern for its consumers. We have only one goal: Ukrainians should drink high-quality Ukrainian beverages. The survey results prove that we’re on the right path’.

For your information:
Omnibus is a type of quantitative survey carried out monthly for several clients simultaneously on the topics they’re interested in, and also includes a permanent set of demographic questions. Coverage comprises the population of Ukraine from 16 to 75 years of age; sample selection is 1200 respondents monthly. The survey is conducted via face-to-face interviews at respondents’ homes.

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