"Obolon" has started to export malt and beer pellet


The largest Ukrainian manufacturer of beer and beverages Company "Obolon" has started exporting its own production of raw materials - barley malt and beer pellet.

High-quality barley malt of Pilsner type produced on a modern malt plant in Chemerivtsi Khmelnitsky region, which has been placed on full power in late 2008. The new company is able to produce 120 thousand tons of malt per year, which minimizes the dependence of "Obolon" from external markets of malt. Therefore, depending on their needs in malt, the company will be able to export about 10 thousand tons of malt this year.

For the production of malt are used the best of European malting barley varieties. Through adherence to all regulatory standards malt produced in Chemerivtsi meets Ukrainian (DSTU 4282:2004) and international requirements for the organoleptic and physico-chemical parameters (color, moisture indicators, extract content, protein content, and others). Given the high quality of malt, some countries have already expressed interest in the supply, in particular, Slovenia, Russia, Germany, the Baltic countries.

Also "Obolon" has started exporting dry granules of beer pellet, which are used as nutritious feed for livestock. Beer pellet is the cake, which is formed after the filtration of beer mash, and in raw form has a humidity of about 80%.With the new installation, the beer mash is pressed and its moisture content makes 67% , then it's dried. In order to improve the content of the full protein and vitamins of group B for drying are served brewer's yeast. It should be noted that the processing is carried out without harm to the environment, with well-respected all the technical requirements for the final product. The power unit is up to 700 tons per day of crude pellet. The date expiration of dry beer pellet is 6 months.

Due to certain climatic conditions, the natural, environmentally friendly product with high content of protein is very popular in many countries in Europe and the Middle East. Actually, the negotiations on the export brewery pellet in the UK, Poland and other countries are being held.

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