Obolon markets live fermented quass


Obolon has released a pioneering product onto the soft drink market – live fermented Bogatyrskyi quass. Initial batches of the beverage have already been produced at Zibert Brewery Subsidiary of Obolon CJSC in Fastiv, Kyiv Region.

Bogatyrskyi quass is a genuine natural quass produced by live fermentation. It is produced by the classic technique, according to which the manufacturing process begins with sprouting barley and rye to obtain malt. The components of quass are exclusively natural products – crystal clear water, barley and rye malt, yeasts and sugar.

Quass from Obolon CJSC has a nice, sweet-sour refreshing taste and rye bread flavor. This beverage has a positive effect on digestion and improves metabolism and cardiovascular system activity. Quass is wonderfully refreshing in summer heat, and also contains useful vitamins and microelements.

The new beverage is PET bottled (1 and 2 l), and also produced in kegs (30 and 50 l). Bogatyrskii quass has been available in retail chains since the end of April at a price starting from 5 hryvnias per liter.

Pavlo Shenchuk, Head of the Beverage Marketing Department, Obolon CJSC: ‘We’re confident that Ukrainians really appreciate the taste of our quass, and Obolon will be able to strengthen its leading positions on the Ukrainian soft drink market’.

View the video of the launch of Bogatyrskyi quass here.

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