On the policy of careful water management in the company "Obolon" told Chairman Sergei Bloschanevich June 22, 2009, during the first youth of parliamentary hearings on climate change, "Global climate change: a threat to Ukraine and ways to minimize them".

As you know, the problem of access to clean drinking water is becoming increasingly relevant in a world where on more than one billion people consume unhealthy water. One of the important components of water resources is their industrial use. That is why the company "Obolon", as a socially responsible company, which is directly connected to the water, paying special attention to the issue of water use.

For example, the plant "Obolon" in Kiev completely provides itself of high quality water resources through the exploitation of their water intake, which consists of 14 wells.

In addition, Sergei Bloschanevich, Chairman of CJSC "Obolon" said: "The main plant improves the efficiency of water use, allowing the reuse of water. Therefore own need of water remains at a constant level that allows Joint-Stock Company "Obolon" to provide with water resources of even more than ten industrial enterprises of Kiev".

Due to technical modernization of manufacture, the part of reused water at CJSC "Obolon. in 2008 has grown for 89% compared to 2007. Thus, 67% of water for technological needs at the enterprise is used repeatedly.

"Thus, CJSC "Obolon" managed to significantly reduce the average cost of water for production of 1 liter of product, which make about 3 liters" - said Sergey Bloschanevich. We shall note that on the average in the industry in the world 5 litres of water are spent for 1 litre of finished product.

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