Obolon report on social activities


In accordance with the UN Global Compact, which is a voluntary initiative of socially responsible companies, in 2009, Obolon CJSC is providing information about social corporate responsibility in the form of the 2007-2008 Social Report.

The first Social Report of the Obolon Company, which is the first one ever in the Ukrainian brewing industry, complies with the highest global standards of social reporting. The Social Report fulfils an important informative function, namely publicly evidences the social policy practice of the Obolon Company and enhances the loyalty of employees, customers, public, and business partners. In addition, the Social Report is evidence of the introduction of generally accepted standards of corporate governance.

The Social Report of Obolon CJSC has been prepared on the basis of "Recommendations on sustainable development reporting" of the Global Reporting Initiative, GRI, Version 3). These recommendations are the most widespread standardization and evaluation instrument among companies around the world. The Social Report of the Obolon Company complies with level B evaluation (according to GRI v.3). The Social Report of the Obolon Company is the most conclusive in Ukraine - 110 completed GRI indicators of 121 possible.

The first report of the Obolon Company provides a detailed description of such important topics as occupational safety, quality management, environmental safety of production, use of resources, social investments, etc.

"Over the last 25 years we've laboured patiently to develop an efficient business aimed at stable economic growth and improving the living conditions of citizens. The strategy of Obolon CJSC has always been oriented towards meeting the expectations and demands of customers, and as a result, the leading position in the beer and soft drink market with continuous attention to preservation of the environment and accommodation of the interests of all stakeholders." - Oleksandr Slobodyan, President of Obolon CJSC, says.

Social report of the Obolon company is now available to all 23,000 subscribers of the international internet portal Corporate Register (, which is the largest database of social reports of the best corporations in the world.

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