Market position

The Obolon Corporation is the only Ukrainian brewery ranked among the worlds forty largest brewing concerns. Taking in account the annual beer output in 2008 and its world market share, Obolon Corporation ranks 24th in the rating of the German magazine Focus.

Obolon Corporations share in export of Ukrainian beer in 2010 was about 80. Today, 40 countries worldwide know the unique taste of Obolon Ukrainian beer. Our export program is aimed at developing cooperation with international distributors. As a result, we are strengthening our position in strategically important regions. In addition, while exporting tasty and high-quality beverages, we strengthen the image of Ukraine as a stable and reliable partner.

In 2010, export volume was 23.7 million decaliters. In Belarus, Obolons share on the beer market is 5%. Moldova and Georgia are fairly large product markets for Ukrainian beer as well.

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