Carling became official sponsor of FC Obolon

Carling became official sponsor of FC Obolon

Beloved by British people beer Carling became official sponsor of FC “Obolon”.

As of May Molson Coors company started partnership with Obolon company, which is the general sponsor of FC “Obolon”. The first result of partnership is launch of licensed brand Carling, which is the most popular British lager with over 200 year’s brewing experience and occupies #1 position in UK during the last 30 years.

Molson Coors Company enters in top 10 biggest brewing companies of the wolrd. The products are represented in 30 countries (and since now in Ukraine). Company occupies leading positions in USA, Canada and UK.

Sergiy Bloshchanevych, Head of Board of shareholders of Obolon Corporation:
“Obolon” company is sponsoring FC “Obolon” for over 12 years. Despite the crisis time in Ukraine we finalised the reconstruction of football stadium, which is going to become the trainings place for EURO 2012. We continue to support actively children’s sports school “Zmina”, with about 600 children training there. It is pleasant, that worldwide known company Molson Coors joined us, which also has strong traditions in supporting British football”.

Oleksandr Kiselyov, Managing Director Molson Coors International in Ukraine:
“In UK Carling actively supports football. We sponsor Football League which is officially called Carling Cup and sponsor Scottish club “Celtik”. We are glad that our partnership with Obolon company goes beyond beer brewing and sales business, but also gives us opportunity to support FC of our partner”.

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