ALEXANDER SLOBODYAN: "The national manufacturer - is an economical safety"


The president of JSC "Obolon" Alexander Slobodyan opens his view on the Ukrainian economy problems on the pages of the business weekly "Invest Gazeta".

In the author's column Alexander Slobodyan remarked that the global economical crisis has quickly reduced the competition ability among the Ukrainian manufacturers, reduced the interior market, and the government policy in many areas wasn't long-sighted enough.

"Admitting the fact that the Ukraine hasn't got any solidity in the form of a stable fund, the government, nevertheless, doesn't hurry to inculcate a new reserve to get out of the crisis - to make active the Ukrainian producers' business activity. Indeed they exactly, in the difference of the transnational corporations, keep the money and create the working places in Ukraine. Such a government position is the testimony of the taxes and collections increasing in 2009.", is said in the article.

"Nevertheless, some Ukrainian companies prove their labour ability not verbally, but by action", noticed Alexander Slobodyan and added that the example is the "Obolon" company which has during this hard period completed some large projects: the modern malt plant building in the Khmelnytsky region and the brewery reconstruction in Fastov.

The president of JSC "Obolon" Alexander Slobodyan is convinced that our country can get out of the crisis if the consumer will, as possible as it is, choose exactly the Ukrainian goods under the equal qualities of the product. The producers, from their side, are to tend their hand to people, employees, not make dismissions without real necessity.

The complete version of the article you can read in the "Invest Gazeta" of March the 16th or in the internet.

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